Phase V – Interior Buildout

April 2024 – A Big Thank You to all who helped with the weed/trash clean up! The Hooleys, Isaac Snell, Gretchen Hayes, and Levi Hayes from Hammett; and a Thank you to Donnie Hedges for spraying the weeds. We appreciate your support and all your hard work!

February 2024 – More progress!  Garage doors are installed, and we are ready to move on to doors and windows!


December 2023 – We have made great progress in 2023! The concrete is being poured, tile is going in around the pools, garage doors are in and will be installed soon. We are looking forward to 2024 and all the opportunities it will bring!

November 2023 –  Wright Brothers, TBC have begun to set the footings and are gearing up to pour concrete. For a short time we will be able to see the layout of each room (the picture below illustrates this). Also this month, the four garage doors will be installed and the tile will be set around the pools. Check back for the latest developments.

October 2023 – The District has been having conversations with Wright Brothers, The Building Company on the interior buildout phase of the aquatic center. This month the garage style doors will be installed, two on the street side and two on the South end. The Pool Company will tile the pool deck this month and then Wright Brother’s TBC will come in with their concrete division and pour the concrete pool deck. The Board approved purchasing $50,000 worth of electrical gear so that they can order it since the lead time is 58-62 weeks.