Phase IV – Sprung Build


September 2023 – The Sprung building is complete. It’s an amazing facility is 110′ x 275′ and 44′ high! The task was not easy, as the crews worked over the six lane- 12 feet lap pool and the recreation pool that are already in the ground. There was conduit also throughout the floorplan but the crews managed to overcome those obstacles and put this structure up. Now we are waiting for garage doors to be installed, they should be in later this month. The concrete crews will be back and will pour the concrete floor on the inside so there won’t be any dirt and all that conduit will be flush with the floor.

June 2023 – Construction is still moving along and we are getting closer to having the Sprung building complete. The Board is getting bids for overhead doors and windows to complete this portion of the build. The Pool Company will come back to finish the pool deck and tile once all that heavy equipment is gone. Keep checking back for the latest information on the WECRD Aquatic Center.

WECRD Construction Report 06.02.2023

WECRD Construction Report 5.25.23

May 2023 – Summer is upon us! Finally! Construction is continuing and this phase should be complete early summer. Does that mean we all get to go swimming? Unfortunately, no, it does not. We still need to do all the interior walls; purchase and install doors and windows; purchase and install the pool equipment; purchase and install the two HVAC units; purchase and install the waterslide; and I’m sure there is more that I am missing. But as you can see, there is still a ways to go before we can all jump in the deep end and go for a swim. For now enjoy seeing the progress and we will continue to work hard to get this facility open for the community. 

April 2023 – Progress, progress, progress!!! We are so excited to see the substructure and membrane going up. Insulation and electrical wiring is also being strung inside each substructure/beam.

WECRD Progress Report 4.18.23

March 13, 2023 – Construction has started back up!  Beams are being built on the ground and getting inspected.  The first truckload of insulation has arrived on site. Beams should begin going up in the very near future, once the wind dies down a little…welcome to Mountain Home!

January 2023 – Wright Brothers, TBC and Gravity Contractors are set to begin construction on March 6th. Due to weather concerns the Board delayed the start date which will in return give a smoother build phase. We are excited to see action on site!

Fall 2022- Negotiations with contractors were in full swing. With Wright Brothers, The Building Company on the current contract we were able to request a change order and include the bid from Gravity Contractors, LLC to erect the building. Materials are on site, excluding the insulation, which will be delivered intermittently during the build process. Stay tuned to updates on when we will start the erection of the Sprung structure.