Indoor Aquatic Facility

November 2019 – The Western Elmore County Recreation District invites you to provide a donation of labor bid for Phase II of the Indoor Pool project. The scope of work includes HVAC, plumbing, electrical, building erection, civil, exterior improvements, CMU, doors, frames, and windows at the WECRD property located at 480 South 18th East in Mountain Home, Idaho. Sealed bids will be received at the WECRD office, located at 245 East 6th South, Mountain Home, Idaho until December 18, 2019 at 6:00PM, at which time bids will be publicly opened. No deposit is required to obtain bid documents. Bid documents including plans and specification required for bidding purposes are available or upon request by contacting Michelle Heins, WECRD Administrator at 208-580-2377.

Invitation to Bid – Phase II

Details and Specifications


September 2019 – The WECRD decided at the August Board Meeting to go ahead with starting construction on the site. The bid package is for Phase I Partial Site Work and includes clear and grub of site, extend utilities into site, scrape and rough grade of site, sidewalk prep and concrete for sidewalk. Bids will be accepted until 6pm on October 2nd at the WECRD office. For bid documents and plans please click here.

June 2019 – The Board of Directors met with the design team to go over the final construction documents. The total cost for the project is estimated at $8.2 million. The WECRD has approximately $4 million allocated to the project so there will need to be grants and fundraisers to raise the additional funds. There is an alternate plan where the lap pool will be an additive alternate for bidding and will allow us to begin construction and if we raise the amount needed we can complete the project, otherwise only a portion of the building and one pool will be completed. The final construction documents should be ready in July and then with the guidance of Wright Brothers the Board will move to the next steps, permits and bidding.

April/May 2019 – During these last couple of months the design team has been working on the construction documents. Wright Brothers have been value engineering all components of the project to get a good budget number and the Board has been working on cutting costs. Final construction document should be complete soon and then the Board will work with Wright Brothers on the next step to begin construction.


March 2019 – WECRD has been busy getting the utility lines in the ground before the construction on 18th Street is complete. The Design team has been busy working out the final details of the facility. The Board will meet with the team again on April 3rd to go over changes. The Foundation has been busy researching grant possibilities as well as meeting with the Idaho State Senators for support.


February 28, 2019 – Scott Wendell with LCA and WECRD Board President Dan Gillies are filing the application with the City of Mountain Home for the Conditional Use Permit.

The Hearing will be held April 1, 2019 at 6pm at City Hall.


February 22, 2019 – Design Development meeting with all parties involved. This meeting went over the mechanical systems, chemical systems, structural aspects, plumbing, electrical, pool systems, interior design work, and site updates. The WECRD Vice-President, Lee Pierce, has been working with the City of Mountain Home, LCA, Wright Brothers, and the civll engineers at The Land Group regarding the site. WECRD is rushing to get the sewer lines, gas line, water line, and communication line, in the ground before the 18th St. project is ready to pave that road. This is a cost savings to the WECRD even though its a little ahead of the construction timeline. Overall, the design plans are 80% complete and there are a few details to still work out, such as the filtration system that will be used.


January 8, 2019 – Interview day! WECRD interviewed ESI, The Ewing Company, and Wright Brothers for the Construction Manager / General Contractor for the indoor pool project. All three prospects were well qualified and brought their own uniqueness to the table. This made it very difficult for the Board of Directors to choose. They did however, make the decision, and voted to hire the Wright Brothers. We would like to thank LCA Architect for being there and asking questions and also providing feedback for the Board, they also brought updated plans, or I should say, refined plans. This is all becoming very real! Once the contract is signed they can provide WECRD with a project timeline and help finalize the design plans. Construction will hopefully be on target to begin this Spring. Stay tuned…


December 12, 2018 – WECRD Board, Staff, and community members met with LCA and WTI regarding the continuing progress of the pool facility plans. They had a civil engineer present about the landscape and site survey. This included discussions on the current water lines, fill dirt to comply with FEMA Base Flood Elevation, road access, parking lot and bus drop offs, sidewalks, storm drainage and water basin, sanitary sewerage and domestic water systems, as well as the low maintenance landscape plan with an automatic sprinkler system. LCA explained the various structural systems throughout the building, they also talked about the mechanical systems and electrical systems. They showed WECRD samples of interior finishes for flooring and public areas. WTI continued with the discussion on the pools and asked if there were any comments or suggestions. The Board asked about putting back in a warm up/cool down lane for swim meets. The cost associated with adding two lanes to the competition pool would be $300,000 and the cost to add it to the leisure pool was $150,000. The Board decided not to add the warm up/cool down lane and instead they would look at having tether swim straps. Otherwise, the pool design is great and the board is happy with the design.  The next steps for LCA are to continue adjusting the design to fit the needs of the WECRD and the practical location of systems. WTI will look at adding the tether straps and show pictures of the play structure in the zero-depth entry. The WECRD next step is to hire a Construction Manager / General Contractor. 


November 14, 2018 – WECRD Board, Staff, and the Foundation met at LCA Architects in Boise to discuss the schematic design plans. The presentation began with Nate explaining the new layout of the locker rooms, multi-purpose rooms, and storage space. Doug, with WTI, explained the pool design in further detail. He provided WECRD with three concepts of the leisure pool and the board made a decision on the concept they felt had the best flow for the space. WTI and LCA will continue refining the concept (takes approx. 2-3 weeks) and then they will meet with WECRD on December 12th to discuss the site plan. 

LCA Minutes 11.14.2018


October 23, 2018 – Water Technology Inc, and LCA Architects presented to the Board of Directors and staff about the indoor pool plans. The presentation included various features that the pools can have such as water geysers, water tables, ceiling water features, waterslide  interaction features, etc. WECRD is beginning the ‘Schematic Phase’ of the pool design and with the guidance of LCA and WTI they will be able to finish the details of the plans. This process takes approximately 4-6 weeks to complete. These will be the plans that move forward to the construction phase. WECRD has decided to hire a Construction Manager/General Contractor for the construction process, the Request for Qualifications will be advertised October 31st and November 7th with them due by December 6, 2018. 

WTI Presentation 10.23.18


October 3, 2018-  Meeting with LCA Architects – The board signed the contract with LCA Architects. Our next step is to schedule a meeting with the pool consultant, engineers, and architects to work out the final details on the pool design. A ‘request for qualifications’ (RFQ) will be sent to publication once the board approves the type of RFQ they want to consider, (Lowest Bid vs. General Contractor/Construction Manager). This will be voted on at the next WECRD board meeting. The most exciting part of the meeting was when LCA said they are hopeful that construction can begin in Spring 2019. 


September 5, 2018 – The WECRD Board approved LCA Architects proposal to be the architect firm for the indoor pool project. Next step, LCA will draft a contract of services for the board to approve. 


August 2, 2018 – We are Requesting Proposals for Architectural and Engineering services in regard to a project to build an Indoor Pool Facility in Mountain Home, Idaho. Proposals are due back August 24, 2018. 

Project Particulars:
We envision a multi-purpose and multi-generational indoor pool facility that is approximately 22,000 sq. ft., complete with a six lane competitive lap pool, a leisure pool which includes a zero-depth entry, lazy river, and general use pool, there is also a whirlpool/spa, waterslide, and splash pad area. Also included in this facility will be men and women locker rooms, multi-purpose community rooms, office space and storage.

The WECRD desires that the new indoor pool facility be planned, designed and built in a collaborative manner with community input and task force oversight. We wish to explore and implement opportunities for this to be a state-of-the art facility, incorporating a sprung building design, and sustainability and energy conservation concepts, if affordable on a life-cycle cost basis.

The WECRD requests demonstrated competence to: work within a specific design/construction budget, maximize the use of space for an indoor pool facility while providing optimal visual appeal.  Additional discussion regarding the specifics and location of the facility, budgetary parameters, as well as the project timeline, will be available at the interviews.


July 18, 2018  – Presentation of plans from LCA Architects
Pool design of the inside
Pool design of the outside
Indoor Pool 2018 Projected Budget


June 25, 2018 – Meeting with LCA Architects and WTI, Inc.

They provided us with designs and costs associated with building an indoor pool. The different options would be a dome/bubble enclosure, Sprung Building, Metal/pre-fabricated building, and/or conventional build.  With the funds WECRD has currently, the Sprung Building is our first option with a potential for a conventional build for office spaces, locker rooms, etc. LCA Architects will be at the July 18th Special Board Meeting with their design(s) to show us.

Sprung designs high performance tensioned membrane structures that take only days to customize and weeks to build. Our innovative building solutions are engineered for total design flexibility, all-weather performance and strength, long term quality and cost-effectiveness. (”

Here are some pictures of Sprung Pools:


Mountain Home ID WECRD Aquatic Program Presentation 2018-05-21[4080]

Water Technology Inc. provided us with this great presentation of all the various pool options out there. Our goal is to provide the Mountain Home community with a multi-purpose and multi-generational pool facility. We will keep you informed on our progress. Contact WECRD if you have any questions.