February 2020 Recap

February was a busy month for the District. The Board and Foundation attended the Chamber Installation Banquet which provided a great networking opportunity. Vivian Meyer organized a capital campaign luncheon with a presentation to the community about the progress of the pool. The event was a success and even raised a little over $3,000. The Board held a meeting on the 2/26 and covered many housekeeping items such as the printing maintenance agreement, website and email host, bank transfer, water lease on the property, and the next step on the construction process. The Board did approve to move forward with Phase II which includes clear and grub of site, grading of site, electrical conduits for site lighting, storm drainage including swales, concrete, asphalt, gravel parking lot, and irrigation sleeves. 

Invitation to Bid – Phase II

The next regular scheduled board meeting is March 25, 2020 at 6pm at the WECRD office.