Updates from WECRD

MAY DAY!! Wow, where has the time been going!? Things are slow but yet somehow still busy. The utilities needed for the indoor pool facility have been placed on site before the City finished the 18th St. project so that is great news! LCA and the design team have completed bid documents to 50% and will have them 100% complete on May 20th. Everything is moving along as far as design goes, they are working hard to cut costs where available but exact numbers won’t be known until they go out to bid. We are hopeful our estimates are high! 🙂 The Conditional Use Permit went through the Planning and Zoning commission and was approved contingent on a traffic study. That traffic study was complete and Idaho Transportation Department has approved that and has no further concerns with granting us the permit.

Dan and Michelle have been attending various meetings to get involved with the community and help plan for the future of Mountain Home. They attended a ‘Walk-ability Training’ put on by the Elmore County Health Coalition. They also attended the Comprehensive Stakeholders Plan meeting put on by the City Economic Development department. It was a great effort to collaborate with the City Parks and Recreation as well as Elmore County UI Extension office.

Lee Pierce has been working behind the scenes on various construction needs. He is working on a list of potential donated items for the indoor pool facility, such as tress, paint, landscaping, etc. Once we have a full list we can put it out there to the community and see where people, like YOU, can help! 🙂

As always, if you have questions, comments, concerns, please contact the WECRD office at 208-580-2377. Like us on Facebook too!