May 23, 2018 Regular Board Meeting Synopsis

Since the WECRD Board is meeting weekly the Regular Scheduled Board meeting is quicker and covers the monthly housekeeping items such as approving the minutes and the financials. At this meeting President Dan Gillies gave a summary of the meeting with LCA Architects, you can read the minutesĀ here. Also, look at the presentation provided to us from WTI, Inc which gives great ideas for pools. WECRD is excited to move forward with this project!

This meeting continued discussion about Railroad Park. WECRD hopes to work collaboratively with the City of Mountain Home to make this transaction happen. In the meantime, WECRD is working on fixing the fence and maintaining the property for the Farmer’s Market and community to enjoy.

Our next Regular Board Meeting is June 27, 2018 at 6PM at the WECRD building.