At the District Special Meeting tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. the Board will finalize and approve the purchase of the historic Railroad Park located in downtown Mountain Home. It will be part of the downtown revitalization project in which the District is considering many options including a playground, gazebo, outdoor workout center, and other recreational facilities to become part of this gem of the City.

The District Court rendered its Memorandum Decision, Findings of Fact, and Conclusions of Law early this morning in a lawsuit brought by former District secretary, Betty Ashcraft. The Court “reluctantly” found jurisdiction then denied Ms. Ashcraft’s claims for failure to prove any right, status, or legal relationship had been affected by any Idaho statute.

The Court did find that since 2010, including during Ms. Ashcraft’s tenure as District secretary, the District made grants or donations not authorized by law.  The Court enjoined the District from granting or gifting money or property to another [including for City of Mountain Home park projects, unless as part of a joint-facility].

The “Court’s comments are not intended as a rebuke of the WECRD’s good faith efforts to improve recreational opportunities available in Elmore County.” The Board is happy to receive this guidance and will continue to work towards providing recreational facilities to District members, residents and the benefitted public. The acquisition of the Railroad Park is a worthy addition to the District facilities. Upon finalization of the floodplain study for the District property on 18th street, the Board plans to commence with development plans on that property.

District Board member, Judy Mayne stated, “the Decision sheds welcome light on the District’s authority and parameters. This Board as well as the past Board and former secretary, Ms. Ashcraft, made mistaken calculations, that will now help this Board to move in the right direction and provide even better recreational opportunities to the District community.”